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How to write perfect resume?

We often ignore how to write good resume attracting potential employers. Here we are going to discuss key points on resume writing, every professional should consider these points before start writing resume.

  • Keep it short and precise

Your resume should not be more than two pages. Make sure to put emphasis on most recent experience starting from first position on resume in chronological order, if you have worked for multiple jobs then you don’t necessarily need to include your very first positions from 20 years ago.

  • Include volunteer work

Don’t overlook any volunteer work you have done, include all volunteer experience on your resume under your professional experience; it can take you long way if volunteer work is related to the position you are applying for.


  • Highlights achievements under experience

Highlighting your experience along with achievement is the key to get attention of employers. Be specific about your achievements in term of numbers and cost like how many direct reports you handled , how much was the cost of the project you led. Employer wants to see specific numbers and

  • Use keywords to get picked fast

Big companies don’t have time to read each and every resume, they use software to filter all resume based on keywords , resume with keywords which matches most with job description gets picked up fast , don’t get lost in crowd.


  • Don’t make Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

Present yourself like a professional, don’t mistakenly misspell words or use bad grammar. It gives bad expression resume has bad grammar or misspelled words.

  • Don’t forget to include correct contact information

Last don’t forget to put correct contact information including your email id , cell number , LinkedIn profile link or any website and blogs you own.

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